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Shibori is a Japanese tie-and-dye technique, which also can be used when weaving a cloth.
When woven, 2 shuttles will be used. One will be used for the ground weft, the other is used for the design. This inlay will be woven between the ground weft inlays.
When the cloth is removed from the loom, the design inlays will be pulled together tightly, and knotted. The cloth will fold. Then the cloth will be painted, and after some time to rest, washed, and dried. After that, the knots and inlays will be removed. The cloth can be folded out, and the design will be visible.
You will see tiny holes in the cloth, where the threads have been.

I have made some shibori scarves. I used hand painted cotton warps. These warps were painted with left over paints in different colours. This gave very colourful warps. After I wove and pulled the knots tight, I always decide if I have to make the colours less visible, before I paint again.


I once used a lightyellow warp, which was 50 % cotton, an 50% acrylic. This gave me a shiboro scarf with a blend of painted, and unpainted weft. Because of this, my colours didn’t clash.